Beautiful Digital Signage
    for Churches

    Radiant Digital Church is a highly-engaging, low-cost digital signage solution for churches and ministries. All you need is a TV and an Amazon Fire TV Stick, and you’re ready to engage your visitors.

      Radiant Digital Church

      Only $19/m, or save 50% for 10+ devices
      (No Setup Fees)

      VIDEO: Radiant Digital Church Overview (6 min.)

      If you represent a group or denomination, contact us to chat further, and we'll provide you with a greater overview of the system. Alternatively, if you're a single church that would like to use Radiant Digital Church, you can sign up here.

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      Power Up in 7 Easy Steps.

      1. Install TV anywhere in your building.
      2. Plug an Amazon Fire TV Stick into the HDMI port.
      3. Connect the Amazon Fire TV Stick to your Wi-Fi.
      4. Download the Radiant Digital Church app from the Amazon Appstore.
      5. Visit the Radiant Digital Church Website and create your account.
      6. Follow the instructions to pair your TV with Radiant Digital Church.
      7. Start displaying content! (Seriously, thats it...)

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      Why Choose Radiant Digital Church?


      Radiant is committed to providing inspirational media that edifies the church. We do that by keeping the Word of God as the center point of everything we create.

      Extremely affordable.

      Radiant Digital Church costs $19 per Fire TV Stick per month, or save 50% for a Site License ($95), which includes 10 devices. There are no setup fees.

      Display content from different sources.

      The power of Radiant Digital Church is that you can use our inspirational content library and combine it with your own videos and image slides. Simply drag and drop different content into as many Playlists as you like, and then schedule each Playlist at various times throughout the day. For example, you can have one Playlist that plays a combination of videos and slides from 9am to 1pm, and then another selection of content that plays a different selection of media from 1pm to 5pm. Or you can simply rotate all your content throughout the day.

      Create and upload content.

      You can upload both image slides (JPG, PNG) and videos (MP4, MOV). The preferable sizing should be 1920x1080. If you'd like an easy way to create robust graphics and videos, we suggest creating a free account with Adobe Creative Cloud Express (formerly Adobe Spark). Creative Cloud Express is available for free with thousands of templates, Adobe Stock photos, Adobe Fonts, design assets, quick actions, and amazing features. Once you create your image slides or videos, you can easily export them to your computer and upload them to Radiant Digital Church.

      Dual viewing modes.

      For each individual television, you can choose the appropriate viewing mode. Choose from Full Screen or Split Screen which includes your logo, local weather and scrolling ticker.

      Broadcast in multiple locations.

      Place TVs wherever you like and can schedule unique content on each one of them. All you need is a TV and an Amazon Fire TV Stick for each location. Connect the Fire TV to your local WIFI network and avoid the hassle of running messy cables throughout the building.

      No outside advertisements.

      Many digital signage offers are ad-driven, meaning that the digital signage company requires you to play ads on their digital TV devices that they place at your location(s). While that's fine for some, Radiant Digital Church is ad-free: everything that gets displayed on your TVs is content that you've selected.

      Internet goes down: no problem.

      Many digital signage networks require continuous internet connectivity to operate and stream. Not so with us. Radiant Digital Church uses smart technology to automatically download and syndicate new content to your device when the internet is available. All content is then played directly from the device (instead of streaming from the internet). That's huge for two reasons: 1. Your bandwidth isn't constantly being used. 2. If your internet goes down or you bring your TV to an event that has no internet connectivity, you can still run your Radiant Digital Signage device and it will play your most recently synced playlists.

      Customer support is included.

      Online support is included in your subscription to Radiant Digital Church. If you have a problem, simply click the Speech Bubble icon in the bottom right-hand corner, and one of our representatives will assist you further.

      Collaborate With Your Group/Denomination.

      Picture this: Your church is part of a denomination of churches throughout your region. Your church has its content that they want to display regularly (announcements, events, etc.), but as part of the denomination, they also get access to the denomination's shared content which they have created. Think "missionary slides" (shared missionaries between all the churches), "district events," etc. By having one central communication hub, when the group (denomination/district) makes an addition/update, each church can automatically syndicate the content on whatever church's TVs they like. Everything is fully customizable.

      Group / Denomination Media Church Media Radiant Digital Church Inspired Media Radiant Digital Church Bible Trivia Other Content Channels
      Organize your designed content into Playlists
      Schedule for Broadcasting
      TV 1 TV 2 TV 3 TV 4 TV +

      Learn More If your group / denomination would like to set up a private Content Channel
      or White-Label brand on Radiant Digital Church, please have them visit our section on Groups and Denominations.

      Expand Your Library Through Content Channels.

      Content Channels enable your ministry to access and schedule content that other organizations (besides Radiant) have created. Content Partners regularly update their Content Channels, meaning that you always have access to unique libraries of media from other providers. Some Content Channels are free, while others are offered at an additional fee.

      Are you a Content Creator?

      If you know of an organization that would like to have its own Content Channels, please have them visit our section on becoming one of our Content Partners.

      Presenter Mode, Activated.

      Radiant Digital Church includes a feature called Presenter Mode. Presenter Mode enables your ministry to use the device like a slide-show presenter, pausing and starting each slide. It can be accessed by pressing a designated button on your Amazon FireTV remote.

      Back Office Previews.

      Want to see what the Radiant Digital Church back-end looks like? Preview away! Or watch videos here.