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Radiant Digital Church is a highly-engaging, low-cost digital signage solution for churches and ministries. And by digital signage solution, we mean the ability to set up one or more digital displays around your church to display content. But where the real power of the system lies is in its ability to work collaboratively in a group or denomination.

If you’re a leader in a group or denomination, watch this video, and read on!  When you’re ready, we’d love to schedule a call to show you more.

VIDEO: See the Power of Radiant Digital Church (6 min.)

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Collaborate With Your Group of Churches

Picture This: You oversee a group of churches throughout your region or district. Each church has its content that they want to display regularly (announcements, events, etc.), but as part of the group, they also get access to the group’s shared content which you have created. Think “missionary slides” (shared missionaries between all the churches), “district events,” etc. When you (the group administrator) make an update using Radiant’s central communication hub, those updates are automatically copied to each member church’s digital signage systems. From there, individual churches can select what content they want to display on each of their digital signage devices.

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