Prepare for Launch

Pre-Launch Checklist

To use Radiant Digital Church, you’ll need a TV and an Amazon Fire Stick. Of course, if you want to run digital signage in more than one location in your church, you’ll need the appropriate number of TVs and Fire TV Sticks.

Recommended Hardware: For the TV/monitor, any regular HD (1080p) TV/monitor will do, provided that it has an HDMI port. As for the Fire TV Sticks, the standard Fire TV Stick or Fire TV Stick Lite are both sufficient*. You can purchase them using the links below&, or from most big box electronics stores.

USA: Fire TV Stick | Fire TV Stick Lite
Canada: Fire TV Stick | Fire TV Stick Lite

How to Sign Up – Step by Step

Setting up your Fire Stick(s)

All Systems Go. Prepare for Launch!

Once you have your Fire TV Stick(s) in hand and your TV(s) placed where you want it, watch these videos, which will walk you through the sign-up process and setting up your device(s). Now that you're all caught up, let's begin the sign up process.

I'm Ready: Sign Up My Church!

*Note: Sometimes, we get asked if a Fire TV-enabled television will work instead of a Fire TV Stick. In our experience, most of them seem to work just fine; however, problems can occur if the TV doesn't have enough storage space to run Radiant Digital Church properly. Therefore, we highly recommend purchasing a Fire TV Stick to be safe.

**Affiliate Links: We may receive a commission if you decide to purchase this product using the links on this page.

Do You Represent a Group or Denomination?

If you represent a group or denomination, contact us to chat further, and we'll provide you with a greater overview of the system.